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How to Develop an eCommerce Site with WordPress|Step-By-Step Tutorial 2021 

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Aiming to develop an online shop for your service? In this tutorial, I’ll reveal you How to Develop an eCommerce Site with WordPress and Woocommerce to assist you begin making a passive earnings online! Get a Domain Call & Hosting for Your Site: https://createaprowebsite.com/hosting ( I do get a commission when you utilize the above links, however it gets you a discount rate also. So it’s a win-win!). TIMESTAMPS:. 00:00:00 – Introduction: Summary of the tutorial. 00:02:57 – Action 1: Get a Domain Call and Web Hosting. 00:09:28 – Action 2: Set Up WordPress. 00:12:38 – Proliferation. Site Setup. 00:13:31 – Action 3: Trigger a New Style. 00:15:05 – Action 4: Set Up Plugins. 00:17:08 – Action 5: Important a Design Template Website. Action 6: Creating Products. 00:20:55 – Erasing Default Products. 00:22:06 – Setting Currency. 00:22:56 – Develop a Basic Item. 00:28:33 – Develop Categories & tags. 00:33:30 – Including an Evaluation to an Item. 00:35:43 – Develop a Variable Item. 00:46:25 – Develop a Digital Item. 00:53:09 – Develop a Downloadable Item. 00:57:41 – Develop an Affiliate Item. 01:01:18 – Develop a Group Item. 01:04:57 – Action 7: Establish Upsells & Cross-Sells. Personalize Your Website. 01:07:08 – Action 8: Header & Footer. 01:08:45 – Develop a Free Logo Design. 01:18:02 – Modify the Navigation Menu. 01:20:22 – Footer. 01:22:38 – Developing a Brand-new Navigation Menu. 01:28:09 – Action 9: Personalize Your Web Page. 01:32:29 – Setting Elementor Worldwide Settings. 01:36:22 – Setting Button Link. 01:40:09 – Altering Hero Area Image Background. 01:41:27 – Modifying the Remainder Of The Web Page. 01:49:51 – Action 10: Personalize Your Store. 01:54:04 – Modify the Sidebar. 01:57:18 – Modify the Item Grid. 02:03:21 – Including policy pages. WooCommerce. 02:05:36 – Action 11: Setup Payment Techniques (Stripe). 02:05:36 – Paypal Setup. 02:18:24 – Email Alerts. 02:20:21 – Action 12: Setup Voucher Codes. 02:20:47 – 20% Off. 02:27:11 – Free Shipping. 02:29:37 – $20 Off. 02:32:25 – Action 13: Setup Shipping Techniques. 02:38:53 – Action 19: Handle Orders. 02:41:07 – Last Website Evaluation. 02:42:07 – Outro: Like & Subscribe for more! ASSOCIATED POST. —————————————–.

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  1. The order emails look and feel quite basic. Can you make another tutorial video on how to customize it better?

  2. Interesting information but E-commerce stores could be designed by open source CMS Softwears applications like Open Cart, Cube Cart and Joomla,,but the important issue is the website and Server security, some world famous and reliable webhoting companies in USA offers 24/7 website and server security,and quick complaints handling online chatting with company server administrators and Internet security specialists,,,🤔

  3. Great Content, really helpfull! love it!! I suggest for the next video you guys make hotel booking or travel booking wordpress website. That would be great👍👍

  4. How do I turn off the “hover zoom” when you are viewing a product and you put your mouse over a product and it zooms in. I like the gallery view but the hover zoom just zooms in way too much and I want to turn it off. Thanks!

  5. Can you make a you tube video on how to forward a host email to a google email site. I do not know how to setup DMIK or DNS. l Also need to know how to forward to a standard google email address that does not have a public IP address.

  6. hi thanks for such a valuable video. I have got a doubt. whenever you add a coupon code a message is getting displayed, and also the place where user selects the flat rate / free shipping options, is it possible to edit the font and other styles of these things ? And also is it possible to add animations or other styles when an item is added to cart ? How can i customize those minute details ?

  7. Levi, I’m am having a little trouble with my website would you have time to check it out and tell me what I need to improve?

  8. Subscribed not too long…. i just kept asking myself where i have been all this while. Amazing tutorials. Thank you for the value you provide

  9. sir my variable product is not working. i have tried a lot but no response please tell me the problem

  10. Best video EVER! Your Tutorial is SPOT ON! Thank you! I have seen literally seen 1000’s of tutorials since 1996 and this.. THIS is the best ever…. and you have a great library too! I am looking forward to seeing more. Bravo!👏

    1. Wow, thank you so much! Really appreciate comments like this one. Glad to have you as follower, Sandra. I hope we continue to help you with future tutorials. Thanks again for watching.

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